Rev. Michelle Scott-Huffman

Campus Minister 


(573) 301-0792

Michelle is ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She dreams of a world where all people know their inherent worth and value as children of God and recognize that same value and worth in others. She believes that God is much bigger than any man-made religious box and follows Jesus as one who taught us to break open the boxes where we try to keep God. Michelle believes that working for peace and justice are the vocation of every Christian and has a passion for helping people live into that vocation. 

Lisa Clark

Administrative Assistant


Office (417) 865-8711


Lisa has been serving Ekklesia since 2013. She handles tasks supporting Michelle and the students who come through our ministry.  She helps to create a welcoming, open environment for all students to find a home away from home.  Lisa enjoys connecting with students, watching them achieve their goals, and can't think of a better place to call home.  

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Veronica Lee

Social Justice Peer Minister

Ekklesia Student Staff




Abbey Heckman

Community Engagement Peer Minister 


Abbey is a sophomore studying Chinese and Electronic Arts (Computer animation). Their hometown is Taichung, Taiwan and Kansas City, Missouri. In the future they hope they can work to create animations that can inspire people to be themselves. You can often see them laughing with their friends, working on random artwork, or studying.


Spencer Stringer

LGBTQ+ Peer Minister   


Spencer is a proud and experienced queer activist, and he also loves dogs. He is a film student in the electronic arts program and is passionate about causes that protect and enhance the rights of those who are historically oppressed.


Jentri Oetinger

Worship Arts Peer Minister


Maya Speckhard

Interfaith Peer Minister 


A senior religious studies and psychology student, Maya has been a part of Ekklesia for four years. She has served on the leadership team for the past three years as Community Engagement and Interfaith Peer Minister. Striving to promote harmony and spiritual growth, Maya has attended ILI and been part of the Faith in the Vaccine program. She is also completing an Interfaith Certificate. 

Jentri is a sophomore Theatre Education major from all over Missouri. She is a member of Giving Voice, a theatrical troupe that aims to create discussions about oppression and social justice work. Jentri hopes to help create a more inclusive campus and wants to be a high school theatre teacher after graduation. She also enjoys making coffee, baking, painting, and everything Star Wars!

UMHE Board Members

  • David Rauch, Co-President, Local Church, Billings, MO

  • Orion Peterson, Co-President, Alumni, St. Louis, MO

  • Liz Pace, Secretary, Alumni, St. Charles, MO

  • Tyler Hendrix, Treasurer, Alumni, Eagle, CO

  • Samantha Nichols, Alumni, Leigh, NE

  • Tona Rowett, Alumni, Springfield, MO

  • Judith Rowland, Alumni, St. Louis, MO

  • Rev. Jenn Simmons, Local Church, Springfield, MO

  • Gary Tebbenkamp, Local Church, Springfield, MO