Usra Ghazi

A progressive campus ministry that welcomes Jesus followers, seekers, doubters, interfaith advocates, and people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. We strive to make our campus and world a more just, loving, and peaceful place through critical thought, prophetic action, and authentic spirituality. We hope you'll join the conversation!  

Faith leaning forward.  Join us.

Ekklesia House
630 East Grand
Across from Bear Park South

A Gathering Place

where all are welcome

  • Free Sunday Night Dinners

  • Free WiFi and Printing

  • Great Coffee

  • Backyard BBQs

  • Snacks, Games, TV, & Movies

  • Meeting & Study Group Space

  • A Place to Find Your People

Open Hours: 

Sunday 5pm-10pm

Monday 10am-10pm

(Queer Film Club 8pm)

Tuesday 10am-7:30pm 

(worship at 8, PSU Union Club)

Wednesday 10am-10pm

Bible Study

(Noon, PSU 312)

Thursday 10am-10pm

Faithful Conversations 

(4pm, PSU314)

Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday by Appointment

weekly connections

Progressive conversations at the intersections of faith and life

Thursdays @ 4pm
PSU 314
All are welcome!

Copy of LIBERAtE.png

Join us for LIBERAtE, a service that celebrates diverse faith and the call to do justice in the world. Bring your faith, your doubts, your questions, and your friends! LIBERAtE is a welcoming space for all who seek community, personal growth, and/or spiritual formation, regardless of what you believe or don't believe, and for people of every race, nationality, differing ability, and sexual and gender identity. ALL are welcome!

Tuesdays at 8pm in the PSU Union Club (PLSU 400)*

Ask BIG questions.  

"We are inclusive people who have informed conversations where you are respected for your opinions instead of judged."


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Office located at 630 E Grand St, Springfield, Mo.  65807   (417) 865-8711 or (573) 301-0792