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Faith & Life Matters Speakers

Ben Sanders
Usra Ghazi
Eboo Patel September 11-12, 2017
MSU Public Affairs Week

Left to Right:

The Faith & Life Matters Series

includes these goals: 

Raising meaningful topics related to the intersection of faith and life.  Presenting progressive interfaith role models.  Illustrating the linkage between critical thinking, vocation, and faith development within the pursuit of higher education.  Being a progressive Christian voice within the MSU campus community.  Building partnerships across campus through the promotion of the public affairs mission of Missouri State.

Tameka Bell

"Love Your Neighbor Active Bystander Training" - Fall 2019

Amber Cantorna

"The Unashamed Tour" - Fall 2019

Mason Aid

"The Benefit of Doubt:  Finding Faith in the Margins" - Spring 2019

Andrew Spector

"The Power and Possibility of Interfaith Cooperation" - Spring 2019

The Psalms Project, Rev. Tamara Lebak

"Bloom Where You're Planted:  Cultural Competence, Universalism, and the Psalms" - Fall 2018

Austen Hartke

"Breaking Binaries:  Transgender Identity and Faith" - Fall 2018

Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni

"One Drop of Love," a multimedia one-woman show exploring the intersections of race, class and gender in pursuit of truth, justice and  LOVE. - Spring 2018

Francie Wolff & Ken Elkins

"The Holocaust:  A new generation discusses the Holocaust" - Spring 2018

Tink Tinker

"Cosmic Balance vs Personal Salvation:  An American Indian Perspective." 

- Fall 2017

Eboo Patel

"Better Together: Bridging Interfaith Barriers" and "Our Common Life:  Sustainability through Interfaith Connections" - Fall 2017

Tyler Connoley 

"A Queer Christian Reads the Bible"  -  Spring 2017

Ben Sanders

"Race, Law Enforcement, and Faith-Based Racism" and "Black Theology

and Black Lives Matter" - Spring 2017

Usra Ghazi

"How Interfaith Dialog and Awareness Informs Us as Citizens and People

of Faith" - Fall 2016

Hannah Kardon

"Inspired to Serve:  Interfaith Social Justice" - Fall 2016

Mustafa Abdullah

"How to Bring Interfaith Leadership and Social Justice to Your Campus"

- Fall 2016; and "Ferguson:  Dignity, Faith, Poverty" - Spring 2015

Samantha Nichols

"Into the Streets:  The Example of Public Church" - Fall 2016

Doug Pitt

"Living Your Vocation" ... serving children in need.  - Spring 2016

Sara Lampe

"Living Your Vocation"... serving children in need. - Spring 2016

Anne Marie Witchger

"Why Working Together for a Better World Requires Interfaith Cooperation" - Fall 2015

Genevieve Chavez

"Discovering Your Vocation:  Where are God and the World Calling You?"

- Fall 2015

Emily Miller

"Discovering Your Vocation:  Where are God and the World Calling You?"

- Fall 2015

Scott Chalmers

"Discovering Your Vocation:  Where are God and the World Calling You?"

- Fall 2015

Sarah Klaassen

"Everything I Need to Know About Leadership I Learned from the Movie Hoosiers" - Spring 2015

Mark Joslyn

"The Normal Heart 25 years Later" - Fall 2014

Jamie Haskins

"Queer and Christian Without Contradiction" - Spring 2014

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